CFP, CPCA definitions

Certified Financial Planner, CFP®

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation is an internationally recognized standard for financial planning. It is granted by the Financial Planners Standards Council (FPSC). Advocis is one the FPSC's founding member organizations offering courses leading to the CFP designation. An advisor with a CFP may help you with personal financial planning and offer advice on investment products and strategies.

Certified Professional Consultants on Aging (CPCA)

Certified Professional Consultants on Aging (CPCA) are professionals from a variety of industries who have earned the CPCA designation by completing successfully a robust 24 module course introducing the health, social, financial, and legal aspects of aging. From a physiological aspect of aging, to housing, care-giving, grief and loss, retirement, end of life planning, nutrition and fitness, elder abuse, ethics, spirituality...and more, this course in intended to familiarize professionals with the evolving needs of their maturing clients. Our needs change as we age, and the professional solutions and guidance we seek needs to keep pace with these changes. All CPCA's must agree to abide by a Code of Professional Responsibility, placing your needs first, and committing to the provision of relevant and respectful service.

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