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We have built a library of articles with content that is educational and very simple to read. Please read them to help gain knowledge or to pass on to another family member or friend.

Compounding Interest: - “The World’s 8th Wonder”

Investments at a glance: This brochure from the CSA gives a description of the different types of investments along with the return, the risk, costs, and other information

Understanding Mutual Funds: This brochure from the CSA gives information on what Mutual Funds are, types of investments, risks, costs, questions to ask, and more...

Knowing Your Investments: This link takes you to  It provides information on Monitoring your portfolio, Understanding Company Material & Following the Market

About Investments: This link takes you to  It provides information on The Basics of Investing, Private Company Investing, High Risk Investments, Cash & Fixed Income Securities, Investment Funds, and Shares

Capital Gains & Losses on Investments: Explained This link takes you to a PDF from Dynamic Funds.  It provides some excellent information on Capital Gains & Losses.

The following sites are also a great resource for additional information:

CSA (Canadian Securities Administrator): In this section, you will find current information, brochures and tools to help you learn about your rights and responsibilities as an investor, how to protect your money and how to avoid frauds and scams.

BCSC (British Columbia Securities Commission): Offering educational sessions for the beginner investor (BCSC's Investor Education program): Providing information for investors on being an informed investor, working with an advisor, following the market, spotting investment scams, and more...

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