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I find the following helpful regarding general information about knowing yourself, working with an advisor, & protecting yourself against fraud. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Know Yourself: This link takes you to It provides thoughts on helping you understand your Current financial status, Goals, Risk profile, and Investment Plan.

Working with an Advisor: This link takes you to It provides information on working with an advisor and the Relationship, Choices, Decisions, and more.

The Financial Planning Process: This link takes you to FPSC (Financial Planning Standards Council). This page provides information on what the Financial Planning Process looks like and what you can expect from a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) professional.

Investor Protection & Avoiding Fraud: This link takes you to It provides information on Avoiding investment fraud, Fraud among friends, Investment scams, Investor alerts, and Scam warning signs.

Avoiding Fraud: This link takes you to CSA (Canadian Securities Administrator). It provides information on Protecting your money, Investment fraud & the internet, Types of fraud, and more.


The following sites are also a great resource for additional information:

CSA (Canadian Securities Administrator): They have information for investors on -> Investing, Avoiding Fraud, Who to call, and more.

BCSC (British Columbia Securities Commission): They have information on -> Securities Law & Policy, News & Publications, Investor Information, Enforcement, and more. (BCSC's Investor Education program): They have information for investors on -> Being an informed investor, Working with an advisor, Following the market, Spotting investment scams, and more.

FPSC (Financial Planning Standards Council): They are the resource on Financial Planning and the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) designation. On the site you will find info on -> The Financial Planning Process, Choosing a planner, Questions to ask and more.

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