Comprehensive Financial Planning

An in depth analysis of your overall financial situation, consisting of cash flow and budgeting; retirement planning; tax planning; investment analysis; risk management; and estate planning. We follow 6 steps when formulating a Financial Plan for you.

Retirement Planning

Prepare realistically for your chosen lifestyle at retirement. Retirement plans set out clear financial projections for your future.

Tax Planning

Included in your financial plans are strategies to minimize your income tax. Referral to professional electronic tax preparation services are also available.

Severance and Early Retirement Packages

Make informed financial, tax, cash flow and investment decisions on severance options and early retirement packages.

Pension Analysis

Determine your best pension option based on your situation. Analysis of pension maximization strategies. Determine if it is in your best interest to buy back pension time. Analysis of best method to pay for past service.

Investment Planning

Optimize the asset mix within your portfolio. This dynamic approach is based on long term planning and your objectives and circumstances.

Risk Management

Assess your insurance needs and recommend the best type of insurance for your situation.

Will and Estate Planning

Review of wills and powers of attorney. Develop tax and cost effective estate strategies.

Cash Flow Management

A money management system to control your cash flow, eliminate debt and save for the future.

Business Owners

Strategies to help increase your personal cash flow, keep key employees and protect your business.

Government Employees

Customized solutions based on you, plans for you to understand your benefits, pension and how to achieve your financial goals.


Peace of mind for you and your family. Taking care of what matters most.


Grow your wealth. Feel confident in your finances.